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09 February 2010

what day is today

date with BTP was awesome
i show them how @school will give thousand benefit for malaysian school
mostly tgk respon diorg cm positive
but normal la kan
org2 gomen sgt sensitif ttg cost,bajet n whateva
hopefully their decision will make me surprise
coz @school so cheap ape

selesai yg tu, we went to dynasty hotel
meeting with Dato' Rais Yatim bout the e-paper
aku xde kne mgena pun coz ni projek department len
tp bos nk bwk so sgt exited ok
1st sbb nk mkn2

2nd sbb dh pkai cun2 xkn nk trus blik opis (ok perasan jp)
n the 3rd one is mau ronggeng2+cuci mate
hasilnye aku ngantuk sbb perot dh full sgt
n jumpe ramai org which is byk bg aku new experience
then,just going back home even b4 5.30 pm
what a awsome day kan

rase cm prnah je amik gambo ngn org ni

p/s suddenly aku dh rase cm org2 corporate la plak
coz keep going bcmpur ngn org2 jenis itu


  1. ahaa..skali lg ko amik pix ngan ptung dinasti ho itu ngeh3

  2. tu la..ballroom nye pun same wei..haha..teringat time dinner tu..cit